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    Gerard Nizet (Roermond 1950) draws, paints and illustrates in a certain cartoon-style.


    He studied Social Geography and General Economics, was several years teacher in Geograpphy and Economics in secondary schools, but he also took attention to theater and drama, as wel in school as also ouside the school, as player, coach and director.


    Later he studied History of Arts and he painted, draw and illustrated more and more.


    Gerard , longtime lived in Noord Brabant and Utrecht, but since may 2016 he lives in Roermond , his city of birth, upon Maas and Roer in the middle of the province Limburg.

    He lives there with his partner Leslie Zitter.



    Gerard doesn’t draw only landscapes and cityscapes, he also gives the human beying a central place in his Works.


    Humans, alienated, grotesque and actors in a theaterplay, two-dimensional in this case.


    Often, Gerard showes his Roman-Catholic background from the fifties and sixties, with a bride smile, sometimes a little bizar.


    Also he showes a certain social empathy in expressing social contrasts, mostly colourfull and gay.



    Gerard exposes in Roermond in restaurant/brasserie De Pastorie, galery Podium in the bakkerstraat and sometimes in shops like for example “ Veur Alles Waat sjrief” ( a shop where you can find all things you need for writing, but also drawing and paintingthings) Slenders at the kloosterwandstraat in Roermond. Sometimes he showes his work together with other artists in Galery Het Achterhuis in the suburb “De Voorstad” from Roermond. Gerard also comes on artmarkets, mostly with Leslie Zitter ( famous by his bird-paintings) in de Voorstad, but also in De Maasgouw, not far from Roermond.

    Gerard has started with mrs. Marianne Wulms-Hovens a so called “Kunzklup Remunj” a group people Who makes art together in “Het Witte kerkje “ (the white chapel) in de Voorstad, every seven weeks a Saturday and he invitetes you to come and see, something for you maybe?

    Since september 2017 he gives a drawingworkshop in the Toon Hermans huis, for people who has to deal with cancer.

    For Carnavalactivities and clubs Gerard makes various illustrations, Dn Uul, De Veldjmuus,and other clubs. Recently he made illustrations fort he new performance of Carnaval in Maasniel; the so called Vastellaoves Villaasj.

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    La Bonne Aventure 75

    6041 MD Roermond.



    06 22 96 54 01


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